As a teen I had aspirations of going to fashion design school and loved making unusual clothes. During my 20s and 30s world travels cultivated my love of textiles. Combining history and a desire to work with my creativity was what ultimately led me to establish my company JoJo.

When designing an article of clothing I like to incorporate function and adaptability along with style. My line of capes exemplifies these features while maintaining a semblance of individuality.

JoAnne Coppolo



Starlet silver halter cocktail evening dress by JoJoWorldDesigns

75.00 USDReminiscent of a film starlet's dress this one of a kind halter dress is made of stretch silver knit fabric with a unique texture. The neck strap continues down to ties th...
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Brown chinese silk asian inspired dress by JoJoWorldDesigns

90.00 USDThis Asian inspired one of a kind dress is made of Chinese silk , medium size 8-10. With cap sleeves, side slits and straight profile it is simply chic. Measures 41" in lengt...
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fancy little one shoulder dress by JoJoWorldDesigns

75.00 USDTruly one of a kind dress with grey and rose stretch lace bodice and embellished pink skirt with flippy hemline. The empire waist is encircled with silver roses. Sized for a ...
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Handmade hardwood wall rack with shelf and pegs by JoJoWorldDesigns

46.00 USDThis wall rack is ideal for a smaller space where you may want to hang things like hats, umbrellas bags etc. and also display smaller items on the shelf above the pegs.Made of ...
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All season wooden bootjack by JoJoWorldDesigns

20.00 USDThis solid maple bootjack will help get off those winter boots. Don't get your hands cold and wettaking off your boots-use this bootjack! With one foot step on the narrow...
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